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Happy 5th Anniversary HCRN!

While everyone has been busy working away on HCRN studies and grant writing, HCRN’s 5th birthday quietly slipped by last month. This is a significant milestone that we should all be proud of. Our first meeting in the Neurosurgical office in Salt Lake was a small group, but we had big plans. Although optimistic, I wasn’t sure if we would succeed, so I am delighted that we continue to work together, grow and be productive five years down the road.
There have been many people who have worked hard to make this happen and keep it going. I would like to thank Paul Gross for his support and guidance, John Smith for his planning and writing abilities, the Executive Committee (Jim Drake, Tom Luerssen, Jerry Oakes, Jack Walker) for their counsel and guidance, and the investigators for enthusiastically supporting this endeavor and entrusting a significant portion of their academic growth to this infrastructure. Additionally of course, we wouldn’t be anywhere without our outstanding team of coordinators and our expert colleagues at the Data Coordinating Center. Last but not least, thank you to our donors who have made HCRN possible.
Thank you to everyone for your cooperative approach and hard work.
Happy 5th Birthday!